koi for sale – Basildon, Essex : Buy/Sell

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koi for sale – Basildon, Essex

Hi all,

2 years ago I joned this site when i was trying to find out how to build a Koi pond. Well i managed to build the pond and fill it with some Koi. They are not the most perfect Koi you’ll ever see but great for beginners and hobbyists like me. We’ll unfortunately due to my company going into administration we are not moving house to Great YArmouth, therefore the fish have gotta go!!

Really gutted to be getting rid of them when i had only just got the hang of this ‘keeping Koi lark!’ I’m selling the fish but going to keep the equipment for now as i’m hoping to come back to the house in a few years time and pick up where i left off!!

Anyway, thats the story behind why i’m getting rid of the fish, I just need to upload the photos and they will be up for sale! I would do it now but i need to go out and didnt realise what the time was!!

…….back soon!

Pond finished Sept 2010. 1800gallons, CL3 cloverleaf filter, TMC55w UV, S8000 main pump, Boyu 3500 waterfall and skimmer pump, 4" areated bottom drain, Skimmer and waterfall.