Koi Forum • 18 Koi Carp (and 1 Sturgoen) for Sale, Essex : Buy/Sell

We’re selling eighteen Koi Carp and one Sturgeon, we live in Chelmsford, Essex.

The Koi Carp range in size, two smaller fish at about 20cm (8in) in length. Right up to larger Koi at around 60cm (2ft) in length. The majority of the fish are around 40cm (16in) in length. The Sturgeon is about 1m long.

The fish are being sold as I have found the maintenance of our pond too time consuming and with the arrival of our daughter I would like more time to spend with her. We took over the pond from the previous owners of our house nearly two years ago.

I have put together a collection of images of the fish here:


Here’s some information about the pond for those that are interested – The pond is 5.5ft deep and contains approximately 15,500 litres. The filter is an Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 310. The filter is gravity fed and has an Oase Aquamax 8000 pump and also a second pump that is used during the summer months to increase the flow rate. The return to the pond goes via a TMC Pro Clear Advantage 55w UV Clarifier. I clean the filter probably 3 or 4 times a week during the warmer months and once or twice a week during the colder months. Since having the fish they have been fed Nishikoi Growth during the warmer months and Nishikoi Wheatgerm during the colder months, along with some sweetcorn from time to time. I always check the water temperature to make sure it is OK to feed them. The Sturgeon is fed NT Labs Medikoi Sturgeon Food.