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I am the Sales Manager for Nitto Kohki here in the UK. We manufacture the MEDO air blowers.
I decided it’s about time I make a direct link with end users to hear comments about our range of blowers as I believe all dialogue is positive (critical or otherwise) as both sides can learn from this activity.
I think you will all already know ours are not diaphragm pumps; instead “Linear shuttles” do the pumping generally resulting in unsurpassable lifetimes.
HOWEVER, depending on the design of the air supply line and diffusers adopted by end-users, problems can still occur where high pressures are involved, so if i receive some comments and questions from users on here, i will try to give some constructive suggestions and assistance from the blowers point of view.
To start things off, let me put out some basics:-

All blower manufacturers have two main pressures they focus on; Rated & Max.
The “Rated” pressure is where the blower was designed to run, gives the correct flow (80l/min for an LA80) and all specifications and endurance tests are run at this pressure. For some reason, the “rated” pressure is often not highlighted in the UK Koi marketplace.

The “Max” pressure is the manufacturers suggested pressure the blower should NEVER run above, and is regardless of the fact it might still offer a semi-decent air flow at this level – beware as above this pressure the blower’s lifetime will likely reduce over time. It is this “Max” pressure that is often used in the UK Koi marketplace.
Pressure = Heat. So its just like when you pump up a bicycle tyre; the higher the pressure, the more heat is generated. A pressure gauge is ALWAYS advised and is a great investment if it makes you focus on pressure and saves your blower!
Manufactures also state a minimum pressure, but its a minor issue so I will leave that.

Finally; Manifolds. They are often given away with blowers – I HATE this as if not used carefully, this free of charge manifold will kill a £400 blower! Please avoid using them, but if you do, please monitor pressures and think about the design of your air supply line – there should be no air-flow restrictions and ALL taps should be used. The only manifold advised where unavoidable is where there is a straight-through end to end non restricted flow to your main tank aeration, then some taps for your filter bay.

I look forward to your comments and points of discussion.
Rick Faulkner
Nitto Kohki