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Calling for opinions of all eazy pod owners,I’m thinking about some changes on my pond filters and re arranging my filter room.
One of the changes will more than likely be to sell the nexus & fit my eazy pod to the bottom drain of the pond on a temp basis while I save up for another filter.
I would normally tell people that an eazy pod is at its limits on a 1500g koi pond but what do people think about pushing it to a 2200g koi pond with 13 koi?
2200g/10000l it the manufacturers specified max koi pond size,how far do other eazy pod owners push their pods & how do they get on?

2200 gallons,block built with a window,insulated & fibreglassed,4″ airated bottom drain,nexus 200,ea70,ea130,tmc 25w uv & a oase gravity Eco 10’000.
100 gallon quarantine,2″bottom drain,eazypod,ea70,oase 3500 & blagdon pond air 2