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Hi there.

About three years ago my wife and I were moving house so moved into her parents house for a few months while finding a new home. At that time My neice was born so the subject of pond covers came up. searching around the net only came up with overpriced or unatractive options. Being a welder fabricator and becoming very involved in the maintenance of the pond I decided to design something myself. While working on a design our best koi was poached by a heron and dropped down the garden. I designed something that was child and heron proof and that would compliment the pond and garden. I recieved such a great response from it I took a few photos and display them at my art stalls. I stumbled across this forum searching google and noticed how many people have the same issue, so I thought I join and offer assistance. Go have a look at my album on my facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Pon … 0847194405 or visit http://www.macsmetalmen.com



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