Koi Forum • Compact Sieve – a simple improvement : Hints and Tips

Hi all

I recently added a compact sieve to my pond (good bit of kit). I’m running it from a Superfish 8000 that is pumping up around 4ft head, so the sieve is getting around 6000-6500lph.

The thing I noticed straight away is that the water going over the weir box hits the sieve screen more than a third of the way down it, meaning the top third or so of the screen isn’t being utilised. have a look at the Cetus Sieve (or most others) and they have a baffle plate on the weir that stops the water doing this.

So I made myself a simple baffle plate that sits on the weir and forces the water to drop down onto the top part of the sieve. This instantly made a massive difference, my pond walls are shedding and without the baffle water was going down the overflow within 6-8 hours – now I can leave it more than 12 hours without overflowing.

Also the crud collects all the way down the sieve evenly, instead of just in parts like it did without the baffle.

I haven’t taken any pics yet but I will do some later, but it’s nothing special – just a plastic baffle that sits over the weir, yet it has made a huge difference to the efficiency of the sieve – why you don’t get one with it as standard it a mystery.