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I don’t know who has been saying “takes too much out”,I would have thought the more the better?
Your filter wool is exactly what I would expect to see after any drum on the market.
Anything 69 microns or smaller is passing straight through your drum screen,it’s not possible to make something with that fine a screen that no dirt whatsoever can pass,if it was possible it would be constantly self cleaning.
I’m not surprised your water looks so good,your drum filtering down to 70 microns & your filter wool catching what makes it through.

2200 gallons,nexus 210/220?,eazypod,12k pump,10k pump,EA Evo 55w uv,EA70 & EA95 air pumps.
I once fell for the ‘Eric filter’ promises,I’m now left red faced & use a nexus again-learn by my mistakes people!