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Hi all

The Koi were looking a bit off with the odd flash, so I scraped and eventually (it took 8 scrapes!) found a few gill flukes on on of the slides.

I treated with fluke solve on Friday, 36g to 9000L as per the packet. I can’t see flukes anymore but the fish haven’t improved in their behaviour at all, in fact if anything they were flashing more. I last had to treat for parasites (skin flukes) around 5 years ago, and I remember a day or two later they were virtually back to normal.

I’ve ruled out the obvious and done water tests, all is ok on that front. Pond is heated and at a constant 14c. So is it normal for the Koi to still be looking irritated after treatment? If so how long before they started behaving normally again? I haven’t used FS before so have nothing to compare this with, I used Fluke M last time.

I’ll be doing a second dose at the end of this week to clear up any newly hatched flukes btw in case anyone was wondering.

Thanks for any replies.