Koi Forum • FREE TO GOOD HOME : Buy/Sell

I have a few koi that have been in care & are now on the mend. looking to be rehomed, this is to make room for some other poorly koi that have come in and need the room.
A large female doitsu kin matsuba, around 75 cm. has a large wound in the gillplate. slow to heal but coming along.
A large female Hi Utsuri which had a large ulcer on its flank last year, again, slow to heal but mostly there now. around 70cm.
A Shiro around 50cm , has a wound on the bottom edge of the gill plate, needs a home & some tlc.
A mirror carp around 55cm , no issues , just needs a home.
I have around 10 small Shiro’s (for sale), around 15cm , plus a few becko of the same size. good pond fillers.

south Manchester area , please PM me if interested.