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Never used a v60 but I do have a 9730. This runs 2 air stones bubbling away 100 litres k1 and a small air stone in the tropical tank indoors, also runs my b/d diffuser with ease for about 40watts metered. This must be about 4 years old now and still on original diaphrams.

I also have an airtech 80 78watts (called 130 now) and that is just too powerful for me on the drain creating the north sea in the pond lol, so that’s in the shed as a spare.

4600g fibreglassed pond with front window. Covered fish house style. Skimmer and b/d to Oase Drum, into 2 gravity fed showers with MP2C and C/Bio. 2 pump returns through 2 55w UV’s, 230k H/X, to either underwater return or 1 tier shower/waterblade.