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i remember seeing a post a few weeks ago where some one posted a link to a web site selling water tanks/butts but cant seam to find it???

any way i currenty have a heissner filter box which can apparently take upto 8000 lph, i have a filter running at 3300 lhp, pond size is 700 gallons.

i find that my box filter gets clogged up to easily and the finer sponges need cleaning out to often, so i am planning on buying a water butt and placing it before my filter box, and filling it with media, what is best media to use?? jap mat in the top with k1 in the bottom??

currently water is pump fed via flexi hose to uv then to filter, i was goin to put uv first then water butt then heissner filter box?? is it best to have the uv first

the water butt to filter box will be joined by 2″ waste pipe

is 2″ pipe adequate to tke the water fast enough from the water butt to the filter box via gravity? with the 3300 lph pump