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Have always managed to get my bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide 6% from Tesco’s. Have always been asked why I want it, and have always been allowed 2 x 200ml bottles by saying it is to treat mouth ulcers………Until today that is!!!

B***dy Woman gave me the third degree, wanted to know why I’m using it for mouth ulcers and why I wanted 2 bottles!!! Told her it was what my GP recommended, it works for me and that I buy 2 bottles as I live 15 miles away from the store so I get 2 bottles to justify the trip……

Cow wouldn’t let me have them! Told me to go back to my GP and find out why I have mouth Ulcers!!! :evil: Not alot I could do from that point onwards! Luckily I have enough to Neutralize the pp in the pond at this moment in time….. (Hope she gets Mouth Ulcers now!! :roll: )

Anyone else recommend a place to get it?