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Hi everyone
Just to advise that at the beginning of March, just after writing the above post, I was rushed into hospital for quadruple heart bypass surgery, unfortunately, this ended up with major complications with an infection in the chest, had another two operations and spent a further 6 weeks in the hospital, with the help of some great surgeons, doctors and excellent nurses helping me to recover, I am now home.

I would like to extend my thanks to my suppliers for assisting my family at this difficult time, and I would like to apologise to my customers for any inconvenience we have caused you if you have been unable to contact Koi Zone during this time, this is not the normal service you would receive from us, however. Koi Zone is now up and running again and we are looking forward to hearing from you all.

Once again thank you to everyone for your support, patience, get well wishes.

Kind regards Richard – Koi Zone.

Ps this is the cheeky advertising bit Our New Koi are now slowly being listed with Videos