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I am coming to the end of a long pond build and am just setting up my filters at the moment. This consists of a EVO55 UV light for green water, a vortex chamber and two vortex style filter units which I am planning to fill with K3 media.

Now I already have 100L of K3 so I want to use this and it will basicly fill one of the drums. I was going to fill the other one with maybe K1 media and have vortex – K3 – K1 and then back to the pond. My question for you guys is although people harp onabout moving bed filters, they say you should only 1/4 to 1/3 fill the chamber with media to allow it to roll over better. Would I not be better off with 100L of static media in the drum that 30L of moving media? I mean surely you would have more biological filtration going on since there is more media available. I know the moving bed is supposed to be better for bacteria but there would only be 30L vs 100L. Aswell as that you are also getting extra mechanical filtration too. What are your thoughts on this?

Any thoughts on the best results I can get from this set up are most welcome :)

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