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High all, new to the forum after lurking for a couple of weeks.

After reading many posts and looking right the way through the gallery of pond builds, I have fell in love with the idea of building a Koi pond.
I have had a couple of small ponds over the last ten years containing mainly goldfish, golden orfe and a couple of small koi.
I currently have a “T” shaped pond, which I have run underneath my raised decking. The shaft of the T is 3’ft x 3’ft, the head or width of the T is 6′ x 4’ft and overall 3’ft deep.
Currently 2 pumps running to 2 small uv filters. The pond is heated to around 8-10 degrees.
Its an ok pond for goldfish, but not deep/large enough for koi.

My outright plan is to have a 3 high sleeper pond, with 3’ft in the ground and roughly 3’ft above, 10’ft long x 8’ft wide.
Therefore while digging out, I will need to fill in my existing pond. My garden is pure clay after the initial 8″ inches of soil and rubble etc.

Obviously as a novice, I will need as much help and advice that any of you guys can give me.
I’d like the pond to have an aerated bottom drain, but not sure how this works (is it self aerating or pump aerated) I guess there will be many questions asked before embarking on my delusions of grandeur… I mean build.
Also another few questions would be:
1. How to fix a skimmer into what would be a very solid piece of wood.
2. How to return the water to the pond via UV filter, Heater and Blade Cascade/Waterfall.
3. What type/make of external pump is required, etc….

I have ordered an Oasis Vor-tec 16000 and just awaiting delivery, but this was before my grand plan and will have a hose tail on (pump fed) but I’m sure that will easy to change.

All help would be truly appreciated and will not be ignored.

Sorry, I don’t know how to resize these pics.

Pond #1. Very small liner.

Pond #2. Was a 9’ft pre-moulded.

Pond #3. Decking and garden looking a little tired, photo taken today. (hoses going to heater)

New build will go in front of the raised decking area with the lower decking boards removed/replaced.