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hello everybody

just had to tell! after 10 years of running a traditional vortex and three bay filter system( alfagrog, flocor, japenese matting) with an answer 325 in the vortex, on my 2200 gallon pond,ive purchased and fitted a nexus eazy pod 6 weeks ago. ive been having a terrible year with blanket weed and generally murky water. the filter maintenance was a pain in the bum and i was losing my enthusiasm for the hobby. ive had my fair share of ulcers and koi illness over the years, which ive always attributed to those “difficult to clean out properly” areas on a traditional set up. im sure these are a major source of pathogens!

in desperation i went to my local koi dealer in cornwall (poldice koi) and was instantly attracted to the nexus display units. after chatting to paul i went away next day with my new filter. it was fitted up and running in three hours.im no handyman honestly. within 4 weeks i had a crystal clear pond. one of my koi which had an ulcer is completely healed. the water perameters at 6 weeks are perfect.
cleaning the pod takes less than 5 minutes twice a week. initially it was less than five minutes daily as there was alot of blanket weed. ive used evolution aquas blanket weed powder ,which as ive said, combined with the new filter has done the trick. there is absolutely no “dead” uncleanable areas in the filter, so i know there are no nasty bugs breeding in my system.
i cant say how happy i am with my pod. my enthusiasm is back and i love my pond again. if you are considering upgrading your filter or you are fed up with cleaning /maintenance/ disease try nexus. the eazy pod will only cope with ponds upto 2200 gallons, so you might need the bigger versions for bigger set ups.

happy koi keeping