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Boo wrote:Cracking koi you got there James:)

Thanks, I really need to bowl and measure it properly at some point. I think with it’s frame and ‘chubby cheeks’ it had the chance of being a really big fish, but I got a bit disillusioned with the hobby a few years ago and haven’t given the pond the attention it should have had. It may make 70ish cm now but I reckon it could have done 80+, I haven’t even been buying decent food :oops:

My pond is unheated and has been uncovered for the last few winters, the really bad one 2 years ago saw 6″ of ice on top of the pond and temps so low that an 8000lph over the top return actually froze from the pond surface all the way up to the outlet. How I didn’t lose any fish is beyond me.

None of that now though, i’m getting an aqua tunnel for this winter and heating the pond.