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Dazzler wrote:I dont really understand what you’re trying to do. What do you currently have for mechanical filtration and what do you have for biological filtration? How does the water return to the pond?

The filter you posted is basically a pressurised toilet for harbouring bad bacteria unless you clean it every few hours and as such I cant believe for one second it is the best option for you.

Is it just mechanical fines filtration you are after?

I don’t have bottom drains so everything is returned to the pond via gravity, I want to use something so my venturi return gets filtered. At the moment the venturi return tee’s of off the water being pumped to one of the set of filters, straight back into the pond.

As for the filters, both pump fed.
One set is 3 x vortex (well 50 gallon plastic barrels), 1=settlement, 2&3 with brushes, into 5 x 50 gallon water tanks, 1=brushes, 2&3=flocor, 4=jap matting, 5=alfagrog with floating water Hyacinth & water cress.
Second set is 3 x 25 gallon water tanks 1=brushes, 2&3=flocor, this is fed via the surface skimmer.

As my pond readings have been spot on for years I’ve never really been bothered about the odd bit of crud going back in the pond via the venturi but I’d like to try and improve the clarity of the water.