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koicarp1984 wrote:Hi all, was just sitting down thinking the other day, alot of people on here complain about fines or wots best to polish water up? now to me a sand filter would be idill but doesnt seem to be alot of koi keeping people who use them are there any reasons why? Is the (sand bit) an issue??
Has anyone got one running on there pond on the forum?:)

Been running them for 15 years & have them running on plenty of the systems I have installed ;)
Still nothing out there in terms of fines removal & clarity to touch them IMO.
BTW i never sand in them but use AFM. They take down to 5 microns which is things dissolved in solution ie colour.


6,250 gallons, block & f/glass, aerated b/d, skimmer, nexus 300 & nexus 200, sand filter, 2×55 watt uv, 2x40l air pump, gas heating, 4 pod purifier, autofeeder