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Hi all,
Living in an area surrounded by trees is great but despite always having a net (heron prevention) the pond surface would always be covered in leaves and little twigs.

This time last year I invested in an oase cws swim skim (the bigger floating one). Quite good but needs to be attached to the side by guide ropes because otherwise it goes round in circles (like a dog chasing its tail), when the collecting tray fills up the unit fires rise out of the water but it can hold a lot. After seven months operation including thru the winter the pump just died never to work again. World of Water (I know many aren’t fans but they do price match) did a straight swap which was excellent. Model two – had it for six months motor died again. World of Water again fantastic and no query have ordered one in as a straight replacement.

Because I’m impatient and the shop had them i bought the oase aquaskim 40 and the lotus floating pond skimmer.

To be brief, the lotus has good suction (4k pump) collects on all sides but its capacity to collect leaves is small and it pops up quickly

Now the oase aquaskim 40 which is basically a skimmer that has a round base that sits on the pond floor and then a tube up to the pond surface with a round collection tray that floats on the water. It does need a separate pump but thats an advantage because you can attach something with some power. I connected this up to an 8k pump and then straight into an eazypod. Its brilliant. Massive capacity, collects on all sides of the round collection tray and keeps the pond surface clear of leaves even at this time of year.

This is an absolute must if you don’t have the beauty of an in-built wall skimmer. If I would have known this last year I would have bought this and been very happy.