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Thanks for the advice…ordered a koi first aid kit ASAP

Done 4 new scrapes (2 with wounds & 2 without)

1st found 2 Trich (not moving)
2nd found 3 Trich ( not moving)
3rd found 7 trich (most spinning)
4th found 13 Trich (most spinning)

Have some questions if people have got some advice please?

1) why were some of the Tric not moving/spinning?
2) Is PP the best treatment, as I have a Sturgeon?
3) Recently added salt to find exact gallonage, this now sits at 0.5 PPT is this ok to use with the correct treatment?
4) If I use PP what is the correct dose for 3,140 gallons & correct dose of hydrogen peroxide to make PP in active?
5) is 13 tric on one fish a massive amount or low?
6) in the last picture there is something below the tric, is this another parasite?




Thank you in advance, I’m still new to this game & would really appreciate the help!

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