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Virkon s aquatic is an amazing product that effectively sanitises the water and in effect helps reduce background levels of bacteria.

The result is that if a fish knocks itself or losses a scale, the chances of it becoming infected are greatly reduced. Along with this any koi that you are treating tend to respond to their treatment quicker as the levels of bacteria in the pond are reduced by the use of virkon s aquatic.

Ideally virklon s aquatic should be used weekly at the dose rate of 2 tablet per 1,000 gallons. The tablets should not be simply thrown into the pond but placed in a 10 litre bucket with a small hole in the bottom. The tablets can then be dissolved into the 10 litres of water in the bucket which can then be placed over the side of the pond or skimmer, allowing the solution to slowly trickle into the water via the small hole.

If used at a much higher dose rate, virkon s aquatic can also be used as a complete disinfectant for nets, bowls and other koi keeping equipment.

2,200 Gallons. Block Built Celotex insulation and Fibreglassed.
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Skimmer – Eco 8,000 – UV – 3Kw Elecro Heater Clarity Shower with K3 Media.
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