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ELKC wrote:Seems so many purifiers out there that it can get a little confusing for the new koi hobbyist.

So what are the key things to consider that affects the price and quality of the unit?

I have just looked at one site which has a number of brands with a variety of key elements.

KP1 & KP2
Aqua Pro

The list goes on :shock:

So not wanting to take this to much into a technical thread and swing it into RO can we have some goldern rules on whats key and whats a luxury if possible?

And out of curiousity how many just ignore the purifier and go straight from tap?

Many thanks.

IMHO the only true way to decide what purifier/cartridges you need (if any) is to have your tap water analysed to see what is exactly in it.
By this I mean an analysis of the water coming out of your tap & not a drinking water report from your water supplier.
This is because the pipework between your pumping station & tap can have a big effect on the water & the drinking water report is only true of the water leaving the pumping station.
In some areas tap water requires very little treatment apparently but remember that legally your water supplier has to supply water fit for human consumption & not fit for Koi & the 2 can be vastly different.
A good starting point would be see what Koi keepers in your area use & their reasons for using them.
In my area for example if I use untreated tap water I get problems due to 2 reasons.
One being that my water authority adds a lot of chloramine in (which they deny) & we also have high levels of heavy metals which is partly due to the source water used & partly due to some old cast mains pipe work.
This is noticeable in the pond as the walls & floor are quickly stripped back to bare fibreglass or liner & fish health problems ensue whereby generally the fish are lethargic & knocks & bumps don”t heal & tend to become infected.
Due to the above I run a 4 pod HiMet system with an uprated Chlornomore cartridge.
When my cartridges are due for renewal I will see any green growth being stripped off the walls/pond & know it”s time for a change.


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