Koi Fry Development : Koi Talk – Page 3


Indeed, great thread, reminds me of last year.

I also raised mine on Brine shrimp eggs, from a local shop. I also raised a pool of daphnea and when the fry were a bit bigger moved the daphnea into their pond, I had as many daphnea as fry at one point. But they will eventually eat them :) Free food. Helps as they eat so much.

A pestle and mortar might be needed, I ground my own big fish food up. Saki Hikari growth, and they loved that when they were a bit bigger.

I always mixed my food with Sansai Biorex and warm water. They in turn got dried blood worm and then also real blood worm.

Great to follow the thread though. :)

Agree egg makes the water bad, but the more food you put in the more water you got to change anyway. However you’d be surprised how hardy fry are. I had nitrite through the roof when mine first hatched and it took two weeks to get it down. I still had millions of fry. And seemingly not so many losses. :)