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Koi Warehouse Cardiff.

Im not one for putting a lot of posts on the forum but i would just like to say what brilliant help and support i have had recently with the Koi Warehouse in Cardiff,i decided to go all out and spend £100 on a kindai showa,i have never spent anything like this sort of money on a koi before!Tony was very helpful and gave me a beautiful fish.

on getting the fish home it was very lathargic and stayed away from the other koi,i thought that it would take a day or two for the fish to aclimatise.5 days later srtill the same, so i decided to look at the koi and it seemed to have a deformed mouth(possible ulcer).i took the koi back to tony who gave it antibiotics and a dip,

The next day the koi had died, on going back to the Koi Warehouse i was informed that i could have another koi!

I would just like to thank Tony for all his help and i will definatley be buying from him again.