Pure Pond Bomb…..Question??? : Koi Talk


Just a quicky…….;)

Having never used a Pure Pond Bomb, and need to give my small quarrantine filter a boost due to Nitrite issues.

But…..am doing massive water changes daily at the moment (as well as obvious Filter cleaning) to keep on top of the Nitrite issue, and if I stuck a bomb in the filter, I’d in theory be flushing it’s benefits away during the changes.

So, my question is……can they be cut up? thought about maybe splitting 1 into 4 and adding a quarter every few days to try and keep some of it’s effectiveness in the system? Have no idea if they are jelly like all the way through or are they like a skin with fluid in the centre??

Any pointers would be great as I don’t want to be spending £14-£15 ever day through flushing it down the drain!!