Fashion Trends

  1. Military parka continues to trend

The parka is one of those clothes we all have in the closet. This season comes back renewed, with slight changes in the cuts, with asymmetrical zippers and details typical of the raincoat. The insiders bring in earth tones, but we chose the whole life, the green khaki. Here’s our selection.

The parka is one of those basic jackets that always has a hole in the closet. There are seasons when he steps hard and others where he waits patiently for the next to regain his protagonist, but it is not one of those jackets that would squeak when we see them on the street despite not being ‘fashionable’.

There was a time when I was the fashion slayer -in my college it was almost mandatory to have one – but it has been slightly forgotten in the closet to come back with a slightly cooler cut. Renew or die.

We find them almost always in military green, in the khaki of all life, in the original tone… But they have a cut that makes them special and distinguishes them from those who are already a year old.

For the halftime, and because of its color and slightly long cut, it becomes the perfect Slayer to wear on top of a Texan-slouchy, of course -, a cotton T-shirt and a Converse or a dancer. And even a loafer.

We’ve booked several parkas, from different budgets, so you can wear this military-inspired jacket this season. Which one do we like best? All of them!

  1. 10 low-heeled lounges to mark the new season with comfort and style

If you go stomping in the plane doesn’t convince you, and the heel of 10 centimeters or what you contemplate, these are the stilettos wise ready to troubleshoot your looks of the season. With a sharp tip, desalted, skinned, fancy. The low-heeled shoes are back and luxury firms like Gucci and other low cost, Zara among them, have already surrendered to their versatile height. With them you make sure to dance all night, endure the working day without the feet being hurt and raise (as necessary) any styling. What more reasons do you need to include a pair in your closet?

  1. The coolest bag is tiny: it won’t fit even your cell phone

If you’re the one who usually carries the whole house around when he leaves the House, forget this trend! Because here we ask you to take only the essentials. In fact, not even that because in some of these handbag models that we propose to you it doesn’t fit even the mobile. This accessory is worn in key XXS. The culprit? Without hesitation, Jacques’s who, whims of fashion, chose minuscule and colorful handbags for his parade. The insiders went crazy and many other firms have followed their designs. Ready to leave everything at home? Repeat with us: minimalism is cool.

  1. The summer clothes you can rescue in your autumn looks

In the midst of the whirlwind of trends that arrive, the purchase of new collection and the first looks of the fall courtesy of our celebrity’s header, I propose you to review your wardrobe. What if the key garments of the season were already there? From the white dress (raise your hand who does not have one) to the midi skirt; we list the five most of the summer that will continue to reign in autumn. The formula for adapting its use to lower temperatures is in these looks.

Challenging the logic of trends that last a few months and a little longer, we dive into the street style to adapt to the autumn those pieces that have accompanied you in the summer period. Change the sandals for boots to wear that mini dress and don’t ever save the satin skirt, say the insiders that with a jersey, loose is 10.

If there’s a dress that this summer has been worth replacing with the one with flowers, that’s the white one. Minimal, light, romantic… its omnipresence and Variety has been such that it is almost impossible not to have at least one. And if the black man has dared to sneak into our summer looks, why not do the same to his opposite. Play with its delicate character by facing the most classic clothes in your wardrobe, for example, a raincoat (better oversize) and high boots.