Must-Have Gadgets

In the context of pride Geek day, we talk to you about the devices that can’t get headband among technology lovers and that have revolutionized our way of living.

Electronic devices within our reach are becoming more efficient, spectacular and intelligent. Decades ago, even a few years ago, it seemed impossible to imagine what we now use every day with all the naturalness of the world.

  1. Save space with a roll-on TV!

With the passing of the years, televisions have evolved to the screens ultra-slim and high definition that we know today. However, LG came to change everything, with the LG OLED TV, the television that can be rolled up.

It has a Gen2 smart processor, Dobly Vision | Dobly Atmos, the Google wizard, and Alexa already installed so that you can control it with your voice only. A 65” screen is rolled up leaving visible a beautiful rectangular piece of metal, optimizes your space with state-of-the-art technology. The cost is not yet known, but the brand has already announced its release.

  1. To spoil your pet

Furbo is Indiegogo’s Dog Camera, which allows you to be with your puppy even when you’re out of the House. It has a Full HD camera and night vision, it transmits video so that you can monitor your little one at any time, but surely the novelist of this device is the ‘Trear Tosser,’ which throws your pet a snack just at the time you decide to program it. It is simple to use; it can be via USB or application.

  1. A smart suitcase

The Bluesmart suitcase serves its primary function, which is to carry your luggage, but not only that, it also connects wirelessly to your smartphone so that only with your device you can open or close it, it has an integrated weight that when carrying it indicates the total weight of your luggage, so forget to pay extra for your luggage.

It has a GPS so you can find it at any time, it even has a battery so powerful that it can fully charge your cell phone up to six times, its dimensions allow carrying it as hand luggage, and it weighs only 3.8 kg.

If you’re a heart traveler this will not only be your suitcase but a tool.

  1. Sweet dreams with your favorite music

If you need to listen to music to fall asleep, this gadget is ideal for you. The Sleep Phones Harmony are wirelessly connected to Bluetooth with any device; it is a comfortable head band that replaces your hearing aids. We offer soothing sounds for meditation, radio, rhythms for sleep, audiobooks, or music that is your choice; it has sensors that can detect when you’re drifting off to sleep and change the volume or type of music for you to relax.

Geekily celebrate this date and indulge in one of these gadgets to make your life easier. The only complicated thing is to decide which one you want to have first in your hands.

No matter what gadget you have in your sights for your next purchase, with BBVA Plan you can save while spending and so enjoy your new toy before anyone else.